Founder, Rick Raddatz, Discussing

Political Philosophy at a Conference


OUR MISSION: We are working to end the current era of political division and begin a new, more mature political era by promoting a common understanding of the universal laws that govern all aspects of society.  

OUR PLAN: Our plan is to do two things: LEARN and SHARE

(1) LEARN:


This movement is all about education. The content in our member's area (available for free) teaches a fundamental truth--that the laws of economics necessarily govern ALL human action, not just private action. And since the laws of economics are perfectly nonpartisan (they are what they are because logic demands it), that  gives us a chance to come together right, left and center. 


If only a few people understand the truth about how to govern society, nothing will change. And so the second part of our plan is to spread the word. Getting started will be the most difficult.  But once we gain momentum, it will become easier and easier.  At some point, we will reach a tipping point. That's when the world will change for the better. 

HOW YOU CAN HELP: You can help by sharing, joiningdonating, and volunteering